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Pan-Cinema Springs up to Create New Opportunities for Projection New Application Markets

Pan-Cinema Springs up to Create New Opportunities for Projection New Application Markets
In 2018, movie box office revenue increased to 60 billion levels, the cinema industry developed rapidly, and the market was more subdivided. The concept of Pan cinema rose in the cinema market. Pan-cinema, as an important part of Pan Entertainment, has certain cultural connotations. It takes creativity as the core of industry development. Under the impetus of information technology, the entertainment industry adopts modern vision. With the cross-border cooperation of video, voice and other technologies with traditional industries, a new form of entertainment has been formed, and the trend of digitalization of the industry is becoming more and more obvious.

In the market, not only the construction of professional digital cinema is hot, but also more movie management formats are gradually taking shape. Theme cinema hotels and small private movie bars are quietly on the stage.

Compared with cinemas, pan-cinema is characterized by the integration of modern digital technology and traditional industries. Compared with traditional cinemas, the construction of thematic cinema bar is simpler. A projector, a curtain, and a sofa make use of the characteristics of ultra-short focus of DM907 ultra-short focus laser projector, which makes space selection more flexible and matches with the decorator who changes as he wants. The title, each movie bar can have its own characteristics but also add novel elements, such as using laser projector technology to create body games, virtual reality scenes, and interactive functions, to add more highlights to the theme movie bar, which can be achieved through projection.

After the development of 2018, the laser projector has changed the whole projection industry and even the audio-visual industry. The projection market has been subdivided into many "new faces". The expansion of the market and the diversification of application scenarios make the laser projector become the "main force" of the projection industry. The emergence of pan-cinema industry is expected to drive the demand growth of image equipment and bring more market opportunities for the image industry, especially for projectors.

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