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Principle, Advantage and Application of Immersive Projection System

Principle, Advantage and Application of Immersive Projection System

Principle of immersive projection system: it uses projector to project a picture onto a large or multi-faceted projection screen, and then uses multi-channel projection fusion technology to make the picture show better results. The system can provide a four-sided (or six-sided) cube projection display space in the room size. It combined with the sound system and motion acquisition system, creating an immersive three-dimensional audio-visual interactive experience.

Advantages of immersive projection system

1. Strong dissemination: It can attract the audience's attention so as to achieve good dissemination effect and marketing value.

2. Picture integrity: Using projection fusion software to fuse the projected pictures of multiple projectors, which is more complete, has a larger size, and brings a strong sense of visual impact.

3. Good picture hierarchy: After the overlapping picture is processed by fusion technology, the brightness and resolution of the picture are improved, and the picture is more hierarchical.

4. Good experience: All-round and multi-level pictures and stereo sound effects make the audience have a sense of immersion.

5. Flexible and changeable: It can be applied to a variety of exhibition hall environment, so it has the strong adaptability.

Application of Immersive Projection System

1. VR virtual roaming exhibition hall: immersive experience makes the experiencer feel as if he were in it.

2. Immersion restaurant: The restaurant style is special, so that guests can eat in immersion environment, which can attract more people for the restaurant, and improve the restaurant grade.

3. Science and Technology Museum: Immersive perception enhances the sense of science and technology of the exhibition hall.

4. Urban Planning Museum: Three-dimensional presentation of the city shows the present and looks forward to the future.

5. Enterprise exhibition hall: High-tech exhibition of enterprise products can better publicize products and improve the macro momentum of enterprise planning hall.

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