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Principle of DLP Laser Projector

Principle of DLP Laser Projector
High-fidelity and high-definition projection effect is always the favorite of projection users. However, how to carefully debug and carefully operate the projection effect is difficult to achieve for ordinary projectors. After all, the performance of ordinary projectors and the technology they use are very limited. Therefore, in order to get the projection effect of the super-large picture and bright color, we still have to focus on those high-end projectors using new technology.

At present, the high-end multimedia projectors in the market are mainly divided into LCD projectors and DLP projectors. An LCD projector is a mainstream product in the market. I am sure you will be familiar with all aspects of its knowledge. However, since DLP laser projector has only recently been launched, there may not be many users who know about DLP laser projector. The DLP laser projector is described below.

DLP in laser projector is a new projection technology. It is the abbreviation of Digital Light Processing. The Chinese meaning is digital light processing technology. This technology is a fully digital reflective projection technology developed by Texas Instruments Corporation of the United States. It is called a new idea in the field of projection and display information. The projector generated by this technology uses DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) digital micromirror as an optical imaging device to modulate the video signal in the projector, drive the DMD optical system, and complete the digital projection display through the projection lens. The birth of this technology not only breaks the monopoly situation of multimedia LCD projector in the traditional projector market but also makes an ordinary projection. Film users have the ability to capture, receive and store digital information, at the same time, they further realize the digital information display. It is no exaggeration to say that the core of DLP technology is to replace ordinary imaging devices in projectors with DMD digital micromirror devices.

After using the reflective digital micromirror, the total optical efficiency of the internal optical imaging part of the DLP laser projector is about 60%. This makes it possible for the DLP laser projector to project more light onto the projection screen, whether in a light-rich environment or in a dim environment. This is also because the DLP laser projector has higher brightness and pairing than the traditional analog projector. The reason for the ratio.

DLP laser projector has been published since 1996. After several years of rapid development, it will basically share the autumn color with an LCD projector. At present, nearly 30 brands of projectors in the world have chosen DLP-based projector products, and the number of models is more than 60. DLP laser projector is more and more widely recognized in the market because of its clearer, more detailed, brighter and more realistic image display effect. Especially the rapid growth of portable computer market in recent two years provides a good opportunity for the development of DLP laser projector.

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