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Principle of Laser Projector

Principle of Laser Projector
With the improvement of people's living standards, various types of projectors, such as household and commercial projectors, have been applied more and more widely. However, the life of projector bulbs has seriously hindered its development. The life of modern traditional projector bulbs is generally about 4000 hours. Once exceeding this standard, the projector cannot be used unless it costs a high price to purchase matching bulbs, at this time. The emergence of laser projector 1080p has brought new vitality to the projector industry.

Compared with the traditional projector, the laser projector 1080p has a longer service life, reaching 20,000 hours, which is four times the average service life of the traditional projector. It can help users save a lot of money on consumables. But why on earth does the laser projector last longer? That's how it works.

There are two kinds of laser projector 1080p, one is monochrome light, the other is color light. Monochromatic light projection technology is very common, for example, the laser pen used in daily life is a monochrome light projection technology. Sometimes we can also add various grilles before the monochrome laser light so that we can project the simplest laser picture.

Some modern laser projector 1080p is based on a laser source, such as the DLP mode introduced by Mingji. The blue laser is used as the main light source. The light emitted by a blue laser is divided into red, green and blue through the color wheel, and then three colors are projected on the DMD chip to form the image seen by the human eye. Of course, because the laser is a point source, the system also has a diffuser, light tube, and other structures, so that the laser beam expansion can be used.

The principle of another kind of color laser is not complicated. The whole color system is constructed by controlling the three-color laser. This is the same as the CRT principle. The difference is that CRT achieves different color performance by controlling different electronic guns. The efficiency and effect of the direct control of light by laser projector are greatly enhanced.

For example, the early use of lasers used LCD mode, which used red-green-blue three-color lasers, i.e. red-green-blue three-color lasers made into modules. Lasers were transmitted to X-prism after expanding the corresponding optical elements and processing chips in the machine to integrate the three lasers, and then the integrated laser was transmitted by projection objective. After that, the whole process of laser projector display is completed.

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