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Projector Resolution and Contrast Selection

Projector Resolution and Contrast Selection
Resolution: the projection resolution can be selected according to the actual projection content for deciding what grade of projector to buy. If the demonstration content is dominated by general teaching and word processing, you can select SVGA(800 600); if the demonstration of fine images (such as graphic design), you can choose XGA(1024 768). Since the mainstream resolution of laptop and desktop is to meet the XGA(1024 768) standard, it is recommended to choose the projector with the XGA(1024 768) resolution if the budget allows.

No matter what kind of digital products, the resolution is everyone's concern factor. Common resolutions and representations are as follows:

SVGA: common resolution for 800x600 budget projector

XGA: 1024x768 projector resolution for mainstream business and education projectors

720p: 1280x720 or 1280x768 mid-range resolution for home projectors

1080p: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution for high-end home projectors

At present, the price of  4K is more expensive than market price. Therefore, the general 800*600-1080p resolution of the projector in the office and home use can according to the personal requirements and pursuit

Contrast is a concept that everyone is very familiar with. In daily photo editing, it is estimated that contrast determines how many color levels an image can recognize, and it is the key to see more details.

In addition, the contrast has a great impact on the imaging of the projector. Usually, after the resolution reaches 1080p, the contrast has a greater impact than the increase of the resolution. Most LCD projectors have a nominal contrast of about 400:1(ANSI), while most DLP projectors have a nominal contrast of more than 1500:1(all white/all black). The higher the contrast, the higher the price of the projector, if only using the projector to demonstrate text and black and white pictures, projectors whose contrast is about 400:1 projector can meet the needs, if it used to demonstrate colorful photos and play video animation, the best choice is 1000:1 high contrast projector.

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