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Projectors for School Education is Tough Inside and Outside with Strong Dustproof Function

Projectors for School Education is Tough Inside and Outside with Strong Dustproof Function
In the world of martial arts, kung fu has internal and external powers, internal powers mean core essence while external power mean skills, the real superior people are good at both of them without weakness. We won't stop in the field of projectors for school education.

Internal dust: impregnable fortress without relax

In the projector, if there is serious dust infestation consequences , we continue to upgrade the projector internal hardware for shaping the protection of the copper wall and preventing dust interference, so that the product  can keep stable operation.

Our projectors for school education use a sealed optical machine, sealed to protect the optical machine module, to prevent the invasion of dust. Light machine adopts metal casting process with small thermal deformation and it can withstand high working temperature; After the light from the bulb is filtered by the color wheel, it will enter the fully closed optical machine to solve the problem of spot ablation or color deviation that caused by dust attached to the imaging chip.

Color wheel is also an important component of dust infesting. We equip our educational projectors with color wheel with different anti-dust technology to prevent signal shielding.

External dust: tight encirclement for optimizing heat disspation.

The filter screen on the outside of the projector is the first barrier to block dust. It is equipped with a composite filter screen with different materials on both sides. The synthetic fiber filter screen on one side can filter large molecules of dust particles, and the other side can absorb small molecules by static electricity.

Heat dissipation channel is the weakness because dust is easy to break through the wall of the projector, we have carefully protected in this detail, the products are optimized design of heat dissipation channel. On the one hand, the semi-enclosed color wheel is coated, which can prevent the dust from attaching to the color wheel.On the other hand, it is upgraded to a larger air inlet fan and a larger area of air inlet. The fan area can improve the performance of heat dissipation, it reduces operating noise and improves the work efficiency of educational projectors with other dustproof designs.

Whether internal or external, our projector dust control technology are carrying out a lot of innovation, from the perspective of application, its delicate design amazing, the continuous evolution of technology makes products move towards higher goals.

Adhering to the concept of concentration, attention, quality and service, projectors for school education promote the development of educational informatization and bring more stable and durable big-screen experience for teachers and students; Each progress of dust control technology upgrade is for better education tomorrow. Let's look forward to it.

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