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Take you to learn about Professional Laser Projector

Take you to learn about Professional Laser Projector
Laser projection systems can produce brighter pictures. Its screen brightness is 31 fL, which is an amazing brightness in a dark space. If traditional hernia lamps are to produce the same level of brightness, cinemas need to provide a special set of small power plants plus giant cooling systems.

What's more interesting is that lasers can produce light of any wavelength. In this way, without worrying about the brightness, the device can produce a wider range of colors, closer to the limit that the human eye can recognize.

In addition, the laser projection equipment does not need a long switching waiting time. If the traditional model is used, it takes a long time to warm up and cool down after shutdown. This advantage can be reflected in the contrast, showing the audience more amazing details. Moreover, the lifetime of the laser is very long.

But when it comes to lasers, people usually have a few doubts. The first is security. All users who use consumer-grade lasers know that they can't illuminate their eyes. However, there is no safety problem with lasers. Lasers pass through fluorescent and diffuser wheels, which meet secondary safety standards. Like other projectors, they do not harm the retina unless users stare directly at the lens for a long time as a professional laser projector manufacturer, DiDon, gives a similar statement.

All in all, professional laser projectors can bring us brighter pictures and better color performance, but the current price is too high. Over time, these devices will be able to enter the living room of ordinary users.

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