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The advantages of the Edge Blending Technology

The advantages of the Edge Blending Technology

Edge blending technology has ultra-high resolution, which can increase image size, picture integrity, image brightness and resolution.

Edge blending technology uses image processors and computers with multi-channel high resolution output to generate three or more synthetic images of 1600*1200 pixels per channel. If 25% of the pixels are fused, 4000*1200 resolution images can be generated by subtracting superfluous overlapping pixels. There is no stand-alone display on the market that can operate at such a high resolution. The solution is to use projector matrix. Each projector runs at its maximum resolution. The resolving power after synthesis is the sum of the pixels subtracted from the pixels of the overlapping region.

Obviously, the image projected by multiple projectors will be larger than that projected by a single projector. How to eliminate the optical gap of image mosaic? Edge blending technology can solve this problem easily. The emergence of this technology, to a greater extent, ensures the perfection of the picture and color consistency. The advantages of a complete picture does not to state too much, because the display of a perfect picture is always clear to the viewer.

When the projection size of a projector is enlarged, the brightness of the image will be reduced, and the original brightness of the image can be maintained when projecting the image of the same size with multiple projectors of the same brightness.

Each projector projects part of the whole image, which improves the resolution of the displayed image.

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