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The Choice and Characteristics of High Lumen Laser Projector

The Choice and Characteristics of High Lumen Laser Projector

Lumen is the unit of light flux. The light source having thr luminous intensity of 1 Candela (cd) point emitted luminous flux of "1 lumen" in a unit solid angle (1 sphericity). English abbreviation  is (lm). For example, a 40-watt incandescent lamp has a luminous flux of 340 lumens at the condition of 220 volts.

An intuitive feeling of the quality of the projector is the clarity of the picture, and the main parameter determining the clarity of the projector is the lumen value of the projector. In fact, as far as the projector itself is concerned, the higher the brightness, the wider the application range. But the key problem is to find out the environment we often use, whether we should choose a high lumen model in order to adapt to poor shading conditions or need super large projection. For ordinary enterprise users, choosing a projector of about 3000 lumens in a conference room of tens of square meters is enough. If it's a household user, choosing a household computer with about 1500 lumens is enough. As for high lumen laser projectors with brightness up to 6K, they are mostly used in various large-scale activities. The projectors have the following characteristics:

High lumen laser projectors
may require us not to move the projector position, but to move the lens up and down around according to the actual environment to meet the projection requirements. High lumen laser projector switches long focus lensand short focus lens according to the need.

The high lumen laser projector is equipped with at least two projector bulbs. Some projectors have four bulbs, and high-end projectors even have eight bulbs. The significance of dual-bulb configuration is that when a projector bulb is broken, the projector will not work unless it is broken at the same time. So when one bulb breaks down, the remaining bulbs can continue to work to meet the needs of the project.

High lumen laser projector
must be equipped with network TV interfaces, such as HDMI, RJ232, RJ45 and so on.

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