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What is the Difference Between 4k Home Projection and 1080p Laser Projection? How to Choose?

What is the Difference Between 4k Home Projection and 1080p Laser Projection? How to Choose?

I. light source
In the past ten years, most projectors use high-pressure mercury lamp as a light source, which can guarantee the brightness of 3000 lumens to 7000 lumens. The life of the projection bulb is between 2000 hours and 5000 hours. Generally speaking, the energy-saving mode will save more power and the life of the bulb is longer!

Because the brightness of high-pressure mercury lamp is directly proportional to the heat output, that is, the brighter the bulb, the higher the power, the greater the heat output, the shorter the service life and the higher the cost, the projector with high lumen is more expensive!

With the development of light source technology, the LED light-emitting module is gradually used as the light source of the projector for low lumen portable projection. However, LED light source also has its own limitations, that is, the brightness of lumen can not reach the brightness of high-pressure mercury lamp, so at present, there is no application of LED light source in high brightness projector.

II. Physical resolution
Because of the imaging principle of the optical lens, the brightness of the image around is less than the central area, and the colour and contrast are relatively poor! Since then, there has been 3lcd projection, that is, three LCDs are respectively responsible for different RGB primary colours to project images, which improves the colour quality, but also has high requirements for optical design, only in higher-end projection applications.

The computer-controlled colour wheel technology DLP appeared later, which ensures rich colours and improves brightness, but the contrast is relatively poor. At present, DLP technology is still used in the mainstream home projection. The resolution of this technology can be higher than that of LCD, which is also one of the advantages of DLP!

Therefore, from this point of view, the physical resolution can reach 1080p, that is 1920 * 1080, which can basically meet the needs of home use because, at present, the mainstream film source is still 1080p!

4K projection is a new concept, born for 3D, otherwise the high resolution, in fact, if there is no laser light source support, the image brightness may not be ideal! And there are not many 4K movie sources. If you use 1080p movie source to play on 4K projection, it's a waste!

As mentioned above, the current purchase of large brands is completely super clean Laser projector 1080p.It's more appropriate. 

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