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The Difference Between Normal Projector and Laser Projector

The Difference Between Normal Projector and Laser Projector

Today, I'd like to introduce to you the differences to the common projector and laser action projector.

First of all, we need to know the concepts of ordinary projection and laser projection

Projector, also known as a projector, is a kind of equipment that can project image or video onto the screen. It can play corresponding video signals through different interfaces with the computer, VCD, DVD, BD, game machine, DV, etc.

Laser projectors use laser beams to transmit images. Among them, the optical components of the laser projector are a mainly red, green and blue light valve, beam combining x prism, a projection lens and driving a light valve. There are red, green and blue lasers in the laser projector.

Light Source

Laser TV uses the solid-state laser as the light source, while the traditional projectors mostly use ultra-high pressure mercury lamp. The life of laser light source can reach more than 20000 hours, and the life calculated by 8 hours per day is at least 8.5 years.

The life span of the UHP mercury lamp is about 5000 hours, which is about 2 years according to the 8-hour-a-day usage time.

Because of its high cost and large one-time investment, laser light source belongs to one-time investment without replacement for a long time, and it's market price is relatively high. The projector bulb needs to be replaced regularly, and the laser service life is taken as the measurement scale. During this period, the maintenance times of traditional ultra-high pressure mercury lamp are about 4-5 times.

Projection Technology

At present, the mainstream projection technology on the market is mainly divided into DLP projection and LCD projection. The common projection adopts the principle of LCD projection, which is to find an LCD panel, where the strong light passes through, the lens hits the light on the screen, and the image is still displayed on the LCD panel, just like the common LCD display. DLP projection is used in laser projection. Its principle is to use a lot of small mirrors.

Each small mirror controls the light angle to achieve different strength control. The light emitted is hit on the screen through the lens to form a figure.

Because of different principles, the ANSI contrast of DLP projection is higher than that of LCD projection, and the picture is much clearer. DLP has a very small particle sense, and the picture is integrated, which is similar to film projection. And LCD projection can clearly see a small square dot. The bigger the picture, the more obvious it is.

Installation Distance

Home projectors have a high demand for space, and a certain projection distance is needed to project a larger picture. Generally, 90-inch picture can be obtained above 3 meters, 100-inch picture can be obtained above 3.5 meters, 120-inch picture can be obtained at 4.2 meters, and a distance of about half a meter shall be reserved for wiring. "For a small family, it's difficult to see the large screen.

Laser TV can solve this problem. Now the laser TVs on the market are all based on the projection principle of reflective short-focus, which can project 100-inch pictures at a distance of half a meter, which is more suitable for small families pursuing large pictures.

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