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The Opportunity for Laser Projector to Change Projection Market Has Come

The Opportunity for Laser Projector to Change Projection Market Has Come
In recent years, China's projection market has been in a continuous downturn, overcapacity has brought serious inventory burden, low price as the support point of the sales thinking fatigue, frequent promotions caused by the phenomenon of not promoting sales throughout, so more and more manufacturers are constantly looking for new opportunities, in order to be able to make the projection industry vitality.

However, the industry puts the new opportunity breakthrough point on the laser light source, laser projectors technology start from 2014, In the past three years, the number of participating manufacturers of laser projection doubled, the number of models on the market increased by dozens of times, and the product types completed the accurate coverage of all possible product lines, and the sales volume also achieved a huge breakthrough. According to the latest data of AVC, in the first half of 2016, the sales volume of China's laser projection market was close to 46,000 units and 1.87 billion yuan. The sales volume in the first half of 2016 increased by 3% and 24% respectively compared with the whole year of last year.

In the revolution cycle with laser light source as the wave, this time it is not the Japanese, European and American brands that are pushing it, but the national projection brands that are taking the lead. Domestic projection brands, in each market segment to laser as the banner, they continue to win the recognition of the market.

The personage inside course of study discloses, this year is a cent water point to whole projective industry, laser projectors in various market segments this year multi - point flowering, that means the projection market has entered the real laser projection era. Fortunately, in this laser projection storm, national projection brands are not only active in layout, but also oriented in technology patent and industrial chain construction. Therefore, in the future, in the era of laser projector, the position of domestic projection brands will be more advanced.

In the recent period of time, in an interview,  some domestic laser projector manufacturers said that laser projection market will likely change the future pattern of the original brand, laser has become a dominant role to redistribute the cutting point, the domestic national projection brand, will seize the opportunity to lead the industry, make projection display industry pattern frame again.

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