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The Performance-price Ratio Of The Laser Projector 1080p

The Performance-price Ratio Of The Laser Projector 1080p

At present, there are many 4K household projectors whose prices have fallen below 10,000 yuan on the market, and the cost of household 4K experience has been significantly reduced. The clearness of the resolution of 4K is four times than 1080P. Users will experience a pleasant feeling when watching a movie. Does it mean that products of traditional laser projectors 1080P are about to withdraw from the stage of history with the continuous influx of 4K projection into ordinary household users?

Although 4K products are popular nowadays, laser projector 1080P is far from withdrawing from the market. The household projection products with 1080P resolution still have a broad market space. First of all, projector of 1080P resolution has a certain price advantage. It only needs 4000-5000 yuan to buy a product with excellent performance. Therefore, 4K projection products, even if less than 10,000 yuan, still do not have the price advantage compared with 1080P projection products. For friends who does not have enough budget, products having 1080P resolution are more attractive.

Secondly, when choosing projectors, the most important thing is to recognize their needs. Most projection users are not professional audiovisual enthusiasts. For such kinds of friends, the purpose of choosing a home projector is to experience a larger screen and a stronger cinema atmosphere, while the traditional 1080P projector can do both. Therefore, for most users, laser projector 1080P products have been enough to meet the needs of use, which is a more cost-effective choice.

From the point of view of cost-effectiveness and use demand, the traditional 1080P family projector still has a broad market space, so it is far from being eliminated.

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