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The Projection Depends on Which Parameters

The Projection Depends on Which Parameters
The following mainly describes how to choose the projector, involving some of the projector function and parameters of using experience.

Lumens can be directly understood as brightness. The higher the lumens are, the more they can be used in the daytime when the light is strong. Theoretically, taller lumen is better, but generally is more expensive. when see a film we always pull a curtain commonly to make the atmosphere in the home dark , so domestic expenses does not need too tall,1000-3000 is ok.

Lumen has ANSI standard and IOS standard, just look at the ANSI standard, the above said 1000-3000 is this standard, If you see a merchant on the Internet whose standard is IOS standard, you need to make it 6 times smaller to be equal to the ANSI standard value. You should pay attention to this to avoid being poked.

Contrast, you don't have to understand what the contrast does, the translation is that contrast is proportional to sharpness, the higher the contrast, the better, and certainly is more expensive.

Resolution, the higher the resolution the better with the higher clarity. However, the mainstream of home projector is generally 1920x1080 projector, that is 1080P hd video whose standard is higher with 4K, but it is not necessary at present, on the one hand, the price is high, on the other hand, the film source is small.

Light bulb and LED, the service life of bulb in projector traditional machine can be used for about 3,000 hours, the new LED can be used for 20,000 hours, that looks like LED is much better, in fact, it is not,LED lumens are much lower, lumens high price is in ten thousand units. 3000 hours a day to watch a 2 hours of film can also be used for at least three or four years, at that time, the bulb did not change but the projection is updated, so basically do not need to consider the bulb consumption problem, the average family does not use it until then.

As for the other 3D function, it all depends on personal preference and budget.

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