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Digital Age: the Rapid Development of Elevator Advertising

Digital Age: the Rapid Development of Elevator Advertising
With the development and construction of the city, the elevator has become the most important means of transportation in city construction. Most elevators don't have 4G signal, and even mobile phone prompts are not in the service area. In such a closed environment, elevator passengers can't pay attention to mobile phones in the elevator. The obvious position of advertisements in the elevator will surely attract their attention to the past, which will bring a mandatory audience for advertisers to achieve the maximum marketing effect. In the strong demand for elevators, the future of digital elevator advertising is promising, and the elevator advertising market is also formed.

When it comes to elevator ads, it can't help but remind people of the disorderly little paper ads in the elevator. It is such a small note that gave birth to elevator advertising so that the elevator has a new commercial value in the field of media.

And then, in the era of the rapid development of Internet technology, elevator passengers' demand for flexible elevator advertising stimulated digital elevator advertising germination and development of.

Digital elevator advertising can be divided into two categories: one is digital TV as the main carrier; the other is laser projection as the advertising carrier.

Video-based digital elevator advertising has a stronger impact on the vision, and the high-frequency image replacement can effectively alleviate the aesthetic fatigue of passengers in the elevator. It can save a lot of elevator space for the property, realize the promotion function for more advertisers, and expand the revenue of elevator property company in the field of elevator advertising.

While digital elevator advertising after gradually replacing the traditional poster advertising, Digital elevator advertising development of digital advertising is not as smooth as expected, and the shortcomings of digital advertising gradually appear. One is the audio-visual pollution caused by exaggerated advertising video and noisy advertising sound. Secondly, because of the different audiences, digital elevator advertisements do not convey complete information. Third, the maintenance cost of digital elevator advertising is high.

In the trend of digital information, elevator advertising is showing its head in the field of advertising with its efficient and accurate delivery. But no matter for the media enterprises that manage and maintain the elevator advertisement, or the advertising merchants that put the advertisement, the advertising audience is still mainly elevator users. Therefore, in the future market, elevator advertising still needs to focus on user experience, constantly optimize products and strengthen advertising content management.

Elevator advertising as a new mode of advertising development, its accuracy and market influence is self-evident. The rise of many advertising media equipment delivery enterprises, as well as the favour of many advertising merchants in the field of elevator advertising, makes the rapid rise of digital elevator advertising. In the future, digital elevator advertising has become an indispensable way for many advertising merchants to promote and publicize. In order to become the mainstream of this way, media delivery enterprises and advertising merchants still need to strengthen and improve the advertising quality and strengthen supervision.

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