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The Smallest and Richest 1080P Full HD Projector is Coming!

The Smallest and Richest 1080P Full HD Projector is Coming!
With the advent of the electronic age, mobile phones and computers have become more and more important in the process of childcare, and their utilization rate is also increasing. In fact, as long as the appropriate use, grasp the degree, electronic products for children's learning is basically beneficial and harmless.

However, a serious problem is that if we can't control the use time of electronic products well, electronic products do great harm to children's eyes. Studies have shown that children who continue to use tablets for more than 1 to 2 hours a day can see from 1.0 to about 0.5 in three months.

Now, however, 1080p laser video projector has come out. When the image is illuminated on the screen, we can see the light reflected from the screen. Compared with the electronic screens such as TV and iPad, the brightness of the screen is softer and closer to the natural light. The eyes look less tired. In addition, the projector image, the screen is relatively large, if the picture resolution is high and the color is real, the overall viewing experience is particularly good, which is the ultimate sensory enjoyment for all people. If the screen is larger, the proportion of the picture in our field of vision will increase, then light can fill a larger area of the eye, then the iris will shrink naturally, and the light intake of the retina will be reduced, so the eyes will be more comfortable.

When choosing a projector, attention should be paid to technical parameters, such as resolution, lumen, noise decibels, etc. These are hard indicators, which can best reflect the grade of a projector.

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