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The Vitality of Didong Projector in The Exhibition

The Vitality of Didong Projector in The Exhibition
Digital creative industry is gradually becoming one of the five new pillars. Under the tremendous tuyere, the exhibition industry also sees the potential value behind the digital culture creativity, which leads to the surge of demand for digital audio-visual system. With its leading and professional capacity in the industry, Didong Projector has opened a new audio-visual journey.

The super-long and wide-span picture of the exhibition projector impacts the viewer's vision, and the omnidirectional stereo stimulates the experiencer's eardrum, and the perfect integration of the audience's inner feelings and the film's plot. Arc screen cinema is undoubtedly the most specific experience and immersion of the interactive display carrier. In many planning and Exhibition halls, we can always find the figure of arc screen cinema, which is the most suitable way to show city propaganda films.

Usually, arc screen projection system needs the following powerful core technologies to support: digital geometry correction technology, multi-channel visual synchronization control technology, digital image edge fusion technology, in order to successfully generate three-dimensional digital images, thus forming a high-resolution digital dimensional stereo image without any distortion.

As we all know, the color of LCD projector is very gorgeous, especially suitable for video demonstration. The exhibition projector can present vivid pictures in almost any case, and its super high cost performance ratio always brings surprises to people.

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