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What is Edge Blending Technology

What is Edge Blending Technology
Edge blending technology is to overlap the edges of the images projected by a group of projectors, and show a brighter, larger and higher resolution whole picture without gaps through fusion technology. The effect of the picture is just like the picture quality projected by a projector.

When two or more projectors project a picture on both sides, some of the image lights will overlap. The main function of edge fusion is to gradually lower the light brightness of the overlapping part of two projectors, so that the brightness of the whole picture is consistent.

Edge blending projection technology has experienced three stages of development:  hard edge stitching, overlapping patchwork and edge blending technology.

Hard edge stitching(simple stitching): it refers to the edges of the two projectors are aligned without overlap. The display effect shows that the whole picture is divided by a seam. If the projector edge is not enhanced with brightness, the seam is shown as black. If the edges of the projector are enhanced, the seam appears white.

Simple stitching: that is to say, the pictures of the two projectors are partly overlapped, but there is no light in and out, so the brightness of the overlapped part is twice of the rest of the whole picture. In terms of the display effect, the overlapped part is a bright strip.

Edge blending technology: compared with the simple overlapping method, the brightness of the right overlapping part of the left projector decreases linearly, and the brightness of the left overlapping part of the right projector increases linearly, which shows that the brightness of the whole picture is completely consistent in the display effect.

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