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What Is Laser Projection? Characteristics Of Didon Professional Laser Projector

What Is Laser Projection? Characteristics Of Didon Professional Laser Projector
Professional laser projector uses laser beams to transmit pictures. The optical components of the laser projector are mainly composed of the red-green-blue tricolor light valve, X-prism, a projection lens and driving a light valve. There is a red, green and blue laser in a professional laser projector. The laser is transmitted to X-prism to integrate three laser beams after the expansion of the corresponding optical elements and processing chips in the machine. Then the integrated laser is transmitted to the projection screen by the projection objective to complete the whole display process of the laser projector.

At present, there are two kinds of projection technologies, DLP and LCD, in which 3LCD transmits through lens magnification and reflector on red, green and blue liquid crystal plates. DLP works by mixing light with color after high-speed rotation of the color wheel and then transmits light through a prism.

Principle of 3LCD Imaging

The core components of the 3LCD projection system consisting of a prism and three LCD panels. The other components of the 3LCD projection system include dozens of laser diode lattices, color separation mirrors, mirrors, and projection lenses. Because of the use of three independent LCD panels, the 3LCD projector can present colorful images and has a very high utilization rate of light energy.

Knowing what a professional laser projector is, you should want to know which brand of a laser projector is the best. Didong has launched a number of models of projectors, which can fully meet the needs of commercial, educational, large-scale venues and entertainment applications.

Welcome to buy them. Its characteristics are:

I. High picture quality

1. High brightness
2. High Definition
3. High Contrast

II. Excellent Overall Ownership Cost and Energy Efficiency

1. 20,000 Hours Light Source Life
2. Have the cleaning function of the automatic filter
3. Energy saving: automatic dimming mode, automatic light source control

III. Installation Advantages

1. The projection picture can be corrected.
2. Multiple projectors are used and connected to form a picture, showing a large screen effect.

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