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What is the Difference between 4K Home Projection and 1080P Laser Projection? How to choose?

What is the Difference between 4K Home Projection and 1080P Laser Projection? How to choose?
In recent years, projection has gained the favor of many consumers with the advantages of large screen. With the demand of high brightness and high definition, 4K traditional home projection, laser projection and other products emerged as the times require.

[Difference between 4K Traditional Household Projection and Laser Projection]

First of all, the light source is different. The 4K projector uses xenon lamp or LED plus color wheel to obtain R, G, B tricolor (traditional lamp source). Laser projection uses semiconductor pumped solid-state laser working substance to produce continuous laser of R, G and B wavelengths as light source. Therefore, compared with 4K projector, laser projection uses color as light source. The color brightness is higher, and the lifetime of projection technology is different. The 4K family projectors usually use long-focus projection, which requires long-distance projection to present the picture. Laser projection uses reflective ultra-short-focus projection technology, which can project the picture more than ten centimeters away from the wall.

[Contrast of artistic quality and clarity]

In terms of image quality, 4K resolution is 3840 *2160, while 1080P resolution is 1920 *1080, The 4K resolution pixels are four times of 1080P, and the definition is also four times of 1080P, so there is no doubt about the contrast of clarity, 4K traditional home projection is better than others.

[Daily use and maintenance]

At present, there is no intelligent system for 4K household projection in the market of less than 10,000 yuan. Users need to buy extra TV boxes or other equipment for video-on-demand broadcasting, which affects the use experience to a certain extent. In addition, the lamp life of 4K household projection is about 5000 hours (under standard brightness). After using for a period of time, the lamp needs to be replaced (worth about 500 yuan). The lamp life of laser projection is generally more than 20,000 hours.

In addition, laser projection 1080P is usually equipped with high-quality audio system, which can bring more shocking viewing effect for users, and can also connect mobile phones as bluetooth audio in peacetime. Therefore, 1080P laser projection is superior in daily function use and maintenance.

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