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What is the DLP Laser Projector?

What is the DLP Laser Projector?

What is DLP?

DLP is the abbreviation of "Digital Light Processing". That is, the image signal is processed digitally, and then the light is projected. The idea is to take a cold light source emitted from a UHP bulb and homogenize it through a condensing lens, through a Rod, The processed light passes through a Color Wheel to divide the light into RGB three colors (or more colors such as RGBW), and then the color is projected on the DMD chip by the lens, and finally the reflection passes through the projection lens to image on the projection screen.

Analysis of the principle of DLP:

The light source is refracted on the DMD chip through the color wheel, and the DMD chip will transmit the light to the projection screen after receiving the control signal from the control panel. The DMD chip looks like a small piece of mirror, encased in a sealed space of metal and glass, in fact, the mirror is made up of hundreds of thousands or even millions of micro-mirrors. Take the DMD chip with resolution of XGA (1024×768) as an example. There are 1024×768=786432 micro-mirror units in the area of 1cm wide and 1.4cm long. Each micro-mirror represents a pixel, and the image is composed of these pixels.

Advantages of DLP projector:

1. From the perspective of technology, DLP projector mainly has three characteristics: high original contrast, miniaturization of the machine, and closed optical path.
2. The DMD chip adopts a mechanical working mode, which is expected to have higher mobile controllability of the lens and higher original contrast.
3. DLP projector adopts the principle of reflection, which is more thoughtful for eye protection;
4. The DMD chip adopts semiconductor structure, and the operation of the lens at high temperature is not easy to change too much, so the DLP projector adopts closed light path, reducing the probability of dust entering.

DLP laser projector, is the use of DLP technology of the laser light source projector, the laser light source has a life of 20,000 hours, at least 10 times the life of the bulb. Replace the light bulb with a laser, and you don't have to pay the high cost of replacing the light bulb later. Moreover, the laser projector uses a fully sealed engine, which plays a good role in protecting the chip. It is a good choice for long-term projection, such as theme parks, exhibitions and other scenes, without worrying about color attenuation.

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