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What is the Projector Used For?

What is the Projector Used For?
The projector application environment is mainly divided into the following types:
1. Family cinema type: the ratio of projection picture width to height is mostly 16:9. Various video ports are complete, suitable for playing movies and high-definition TV, and suitable for family users.

2. Portable business projector: the advantages of the business portable projector are small size, light weight and strong mobility. It is the substitute of traditional slide projector and large and medium-sized projector. The combination of the light and thin notebook computer and the business portable projector is the first choice for the mobile business users when they carry out the mobile business demonstration.

3. Educational conference projector: it is generally located in school and enterprise applications, with mainstream resolution, brightness of about 2000-3000 lumens, moderate weight, good heat dissipation and dust prevention, suitable for installation and short distance movement, rich functional interfaces, easy maintenance, and relatively high performance price ratio. It is suitable for mass purchase.

4. Mainstream engineering projectors: compared with mainstream ordinary projectors, engineering projectors have larger projection area, longer distance and high brightness, and generally support multi bulb mode, which can better cope with large and variable installation environment. It is applicable to education, media and government.

5. Professional theater projector: this kind of projector pays more attention to stability, low failure rate, heat dissipation performance and network function. Of course, it is suitable for various professional applications. Due to its large volume and heavy weight, it is usually used for special purposes, such as theater, museum, great hall, public area, and also for monitoring traffic, public security command center, fire control and air traffic control center.

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