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What Is the Use of a Projector?

What Is the Use of a Projector?

1. what is the use of a projector?

For some industries, people will use the projector. Projector is a professional projection and the biggest characteristic of it is through the light projection on the wall, and it can be cast out of the big picture to pass on what we want to express, how do you get your clients, your colleagues to be able to feel the ideas that you're trying to convey by using the projector as much as possible or by putting the projector in your home so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a small movie theater.

2. What are the advantages of using the projector?

No harm to eyes
The projector's light is not as strong as that of a TV, computer or mobile phone, the projector is a picture that is projected onto the wall by a light source, which means that its light has been filtered at least half. We see the projected picture with soft light, so it protects the eyes from damage.

Big picture
the projector is usually going to come up with a picture that's going to be a lot bigger, maybe a few tens of inches or maybe a few hundred inches,  it's going to look a lot more comfortable when  you're watching a movie or watching a movie or playing a game, and it's going to feel a lot different, you all should know that.

High cost performance
cost performance of projector is much higher when compared to other equipment , for example, you buy a LCD TV with  2-30 inches also need several thousand, let alone 4-50 inches, but a projector just needs more than one thousand, why not do that?

The picture size of mobile phone ,TV or computer is so big, it won't be changed after you bought it, there is no adjustability with it. But the projector is not the same, the picture can be large or small and it can be adjusted at will,  for  satisfying  you better.

Portable and space-saving
I don't compare it with cell phones and computers, projectors, of course, also have despised  a portable computer, but there are some size slightly larger projector, but it won't bigger than TV,  LCD TV, though now mostly in the form of ultra-thin is very heavy, which is lack of portability,  projector is less bulky and without taking up so much space, it is  portable space-saving.

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