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What Kind of Laser Projector is Good? It Turned out to Be like This

What Kind of Laser Projector is Good? It Turned out to Be like This

After the upgrade of a laser light source for projectors, more brands have entered this market, and many original brands have begun to lay out new markets in the era of laser light source. For example, the original engineering projector market is a high-end market, involving the market brand is not many. But now almost all the projector brands have introduced laser engineering projectors. So is the quality of all brands of products the same after the laser source?

What is a good HD laser projector?

It seems difficult to answer this question. The quality of products of different brands is definitely different. So how can we determine which products are better? Unfortunately, there is still a lack of standards in the HD laser projector industry.

In fact, the HD laser projector is not just a laser. A projector with a laser doesn't mean it's a good projector. There are many kinds of laser sources, including monochrome laser, bichrome laser, and trichrome laser. Projector technology is divided into two kinds: DLP and 3LCD. In addition, heat dissipation, operation control of the whole machine, resolution, application of HDR technology and so on. It can be said that considering a good laser projector, there are many levels to be involved.

As far as the brightness range is concerned, if the brightness of all laser projectors of a brand is only hovering at the level of 6000 lumens, this shows to some extent that the brand's accomplishments in laser projectors are not enough. At present, the ability to launch more than 10,000-lumen laser projector brand, strength has accumulated to an excellent level. Of course, this is only one aspect. In addition, dust control and heat dissipation are also critical.

Then, we need to consider the heat dissipation of the product. Laser source will emit heat. If the heat dissipation effect of the projector is not good, the life of the laser source will be shortened, and the quality of products will be unstable. Laser light source is very different from an ordinary light source. Different temperatures have a great influence on the lifetime. The lifetime of a laser source may be reduced by half if it is only 5 degrees Celsius higher. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the HD laser projector is very important.

At the same time of heat dissipation, dust prevention should also be solved. For DLP projection technology products, dust can be sealed. For the 3LCD laser projector, the problem of dust prevention needs more attention. When purchasing laser engineering projectors, it is important to know how the dust-proof technology of the products is and whether it has been specially optimized.

Laser source itself also has many differences, especially to the product color performance, monochrome laser, bichrome laser, and trichrome laser color performance are different. If a brand has its own research and development ability of light source, it is the best. If the light source is purchased entirely, its optimizing ability for the light source is naturally weaker.

Finally, other performances of an HD laser projector, 4K resolution, HDR high dynamic range, 120Hz high frame rate, broader gamut and so on, should be taken into account. According to different needs, purchasers need to consider laser sources and other factors comprehensively, so that they can choose products that really suit them.

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