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What Kind of Projectors are Suitable for a 300 Inch Screen Without Waste?

What Kind of Projectors are Suitable for a 300 Inch Screen Without Waste?


Projectors are also called projection machine, which can project image to the screen, they can play relative video signal by connecting with different ports and computer, VCD, DVD, BD, game machine and DV. Projectors are widely used in family, office, school and entertainment venues, they are divided into different types according to their different working methods.

Application environment

1. Home theater: Its characteristic is that the brightness is around 2000 lumens (with the development of the projection, this number is constantly increasing and the contrast is relatively high), and the aspect ratio of the projected image is usually 16:9 with kinds of video ports, it is suitable for playing movies and HDTV for family users.

2. Portable business projectors: a projector weighing less than 2.5kg is generally defined as a business-portable projector, which is about the same weight as a light, thin laptop. The advantages of portable projectors for business include small size, light weight and strong mobility. It is a substitute for traditional projectors and large and medium-sized projectors, the combination of light and thin laptop and portable projectors for business, which is the first choice for mobile business users in mobile business demonstration.

3. Education projector and conference projector: they are generally positioned for school and enterprise applications, with mainstream resolution, brightness of about 2700-3500 lumens, moderate weight, heat dissipation and dust control do better, they are suitable for installation and short distance movement, rich function interface with easy maintenance, performance and their cost performance is relatively high so that they are suitable for mass purchase universal use.

4. Mainstream engineering projectors: compared with common projectors, engineering projectors are with larger projected area, longer distance and higher lightness. At the same time, they also support multi-bulb mode, which can better cope with large and changeable installation environment. They are  suitable for fields such as education media and government.

5. Professional theater projectors: This kind of projectors pay more attention to stability with low failure rate, it is good at heat dispersion, internet functions and convenience for use. Of course, In order to adapt to a variety of professional applications, the most important feature of the shadow instrument is its high brightness, its brightness can reach 5000 lumens or more, the higher can exceed 10000 lumens. Due to their large size and heavy weight, they are usually used for special purposes, such as the public area of the theatre, museum and great hall, and it can also be used to monitor the environment of traffic police command center, fire control center and air traffic control center.

6. Measuring projectors: this kind of projectors are different from other projectors, early they are called  profile projector, with the popularity of the grating ruler, projector are installed on the grating ruler of high precision, people will also call the measurement projector (or projector, such as the more famous measurement projector in China has the cpj-3015 produced by Gaocheng company), In order to distinguish from the traditional projector, this kind of projector is called measuring projector. Their function is mainly using the product parts through the transmission of light to form an enlarged projector, and then use standard film or grating ruler to determine the size of the product, due to the development of industrialization, this kind of  measurement projectors have become one of the most commonly used testing instruments in the manufacturing industry. The method of periodic projection is divided into vertical projectors and horizontal projectors. According to the standards of their comparison is divided into outline projectors and digital projectors.

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