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What Shopping Tips Do You Have For Buying Home HD Projectors

What Shopping Tips Do You Have For Buying Home HD Projectors
Now with the rapid development of intelligent projection equipment, many families choose to buy a home hd projector, so how to correctly choose a projector?

1. The usage and configuration of projector

Many users want to know the usage of projector before they buy HD projectors. When the projector is used, it can be divided into mesa forward projection, ceiling forward projection, back surface projection, ceiling back projection and other types. A forward projection is when the projector is on the same side of the viewer;The back projection is that the projector and the audience are placed on both ends of the screen respectively. If the space is small, the method of refraction by the back mirror can be selected.If fixed installation is needed, the ceiling can be selected, but attention must be paid to dust prevention and heat dissipation. Therefore, the purchase type of the machine is determined according to the use environment, which is the first step of procurement.

2. Moderate brightness and contrast

Brightness is an important indicator of projector performance. Brightness is the intensity of the light output by the projector to the screen, high brightness can make the projector project image clear and bright, but the higher the brightness, the more expensive the high brightness projector is used in a small environment is very harsh, which will make the eyes tired, long-term viewing will make the eyes red and even appear eye disease and other conditions. Therefore, according to the specific difference of sitting room area, we buy hd projectors whose brightness is in commonly 500 to 1000 lumen, too tall or too low is not suit the use in the environment with darker illume lamplight

3. Choose projectors with high resolution ratio

Laser projector, like digital camera, is judged by its resolution. The higher the resolution, the more expensive it is. There is also a compatibility resolution, compatibility resolution than its physical resolution a step. Like DC DV, the higher the resolution, the sharper the projector image and the higher the price is. Although the effect of SVGA can meet the needs of the family, in the long run, if the economic conditions allow, buy a projector with the physical resolution of XGA standard with a clearer and brighter effect.

Choose Projectors with High Resolution Ratio

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