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What Should be Pay Attention to When Choosing the Projector for Home Theatre?

What Should be Pay Attention to When Choosing the Projector for Home Theatre?
In recent years, home projectors have been used more and more widely in home theaters. One of the main reasons is that the projector can project a larger image to give people a more shocking visual experience.

As we all know, a laser TV of more than 100 inches is not cheap, but the projector can easily project a picture of more than 100 inches. You can even take it out to see a movie when picnic with your friends or your family. When people pursue a high quality of life at the same time, high quality of the home projector also came into being.
But do you really know how to choose a projector for your home theatre? Then I will list some important points for reference when choosing a home projector.

1. Please consider what kind of effect you want.

Sound and visual decide the effect of the home theatre. Of course, the withdrawal of visual effects is related to people's choice of display equipment.
Display equipment basically has the following a few kinds of choices, TV and projector, TV is divided again into common TV or laser TV. Projectors are mainly divided into LED projectors and a few projectors or mixed light projector.
Of course, the advantages of the TV are obvious, such as high resolution and color performance. The performance of the laser TV is more prominent, the "laser" of the laser TV is 100% monochromatic light, R, G, B three color light modulation, color effect is very ideal. In this way, the gamut can theoretically exceed the NTSC gamut by more than 110%, which is a higher level than the OLED 100% NTSC gamut. The improvement of the color gamut not only makes the picture look more transparent, more real and more layered, but also greatly improves the clarity as the color saturation increases. Because the back light of laser TV is R, G, B 3 kinds of laser, need only "screen", can do thinner, suit a family to use. Laser TV light is reflected to the human eye, no strobe, so that the light is softer, but also to reduce the damage to the human eye. But the disadvantages of laser TV as a home theater are also obvious,the cost of a laser TV is still very expensive, and it is usually less than 100 inches in size. Unlike a laser TV, a laser projector can project a larger picture, and the projector is portable and can be placed and installed at will.

2. Please consider your own budget.

Laser TVS over 100 inches are very expensive. So, if you want more than 100 inches, you can choose a laser projector or other type of projector.
Portable projectors built into Android are popular, their brightness is usually below 4000 lumens, but we won't list projectors below 1000 lumens. Of course, its advantages are obvious, such as portability, the built-in system can directly download software to watch TV and movies. Some of them can even produce super high resolution and perfect home theater experience. But this kind of micro-projection can only meet the choice of ordinary families, to create a real home theater, still need a higher brightness and higher performance projector.

Laser projectors are the better choice than laser TV, because they can projection bigger images. The built-in android system may make your projector a little sluggish after every update.

Of course, another point of concern is, when you want a home theater with a curved screen over 100 inches, how do you choose? The trapezoidal correction of the average home theater projector doesn't allow for curved screen projection, but we know that curved projections are actually more shocking and realistic. So, in the budget allows the case, it is recommended to choose professional laser projector.

The above is a simple analysis of how to build a home theater. There are more and more electronic products on the market, but how to build a suitable home theater still needs to analyze the needs and products.

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