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What's the difference between Laser Beam Projector and Traditional Projector?

What's the difference between Laser Beam Projector and Traditional Projector?

Ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs are commonly used in traditional projectors, which belong to high-pressure gas discharge light source. Laser beam projectors mainly use laser light-emitting module, which belongs to solid-state light source.

Ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs used in traditional projectors generally have a life of about 5000 hours, while the light source of laser beam projectors has a life of more than 20,000 hours. If we calculated by about 250 working days a year, 8 hours each working day, and 20,000 hours equal to 10 years, one laser beam projector is worth four traditional (light source) projectors in terms of the use time.

When the lamp of traditional projector is used for more than 2000 hours, there will be a certain degree of attenuation of light source, which will lead to the decrease of projection brightness and the decrease of picture color. In this case, the cost of replacing the whole machine is too high, and the experience of using it will be too poor. Replacing the bulb will cost consumables and maintenance costs. Laser light module of laser beam projector belongs to solid-state light source, which has stable performance and slow attenuation speed of light source, reducing the influence of dust on the life of machine and picture effect, and the picture is still bright and clear when used for a long time.

Laser beam projector has been widely used in education, engineering and household market because of its advantages of long life, low attenuation, high dust-proof and good pictures. However, there has been a lack of pure laser products in the business market.

From the point of view of light source advantages and user needs, laser beam projectors are very suitable for commercial office use. The laser beam projectors series launched by Shanghai DHN is the quality choice for enterprise users to improve office efficiency and reduce average cost.

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