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Why Do Projectors Need Color Wheels?

Why Do Projectors Need Color Wheels?

What is Projector colour wheel?

Actual projector colour wheel is a kind of high-speed rotating colour separation hardware, only a single-chip DLP projector has such a colour wheel. The function of the colour wheel is to separate white light into RGB tricolour. White light forms RGB tricolour through different colour segment structure on the colour wheel, thus forming the colour image we often see.

RGB colour separation is necessary. Why do projectors need a colour wheel?

So why is there no colour wheel in an LCD projector? In fact, the LCD projector uses prism for colour separation. White light passes through the dichroic mirror and becomes RGB tricolour, which requires a zigzag light path. A light path system is formed by using a reflector and dichroic mirror. In this light path system, there is no need for high-speed rotation of the colour wheel.

No colour wheel in LCD projection system

In fact, there is no colour wheel in 3DLP projector. Because 3DLP also uses a prism to separate colours, and each DMD chip gets a colour to form RGB tricolour. However, this structure is relatively complex, which is currently only applied to high-end project projectors and movie projectors.

Generally speaking, there should be only RGB three colours on the colour wheel, but in the future, to improve the brightness of the picture, the Yellow component will also be added technically. Because yellow is an important colour for colour brightness. So the colour wheel we see is generally RGBY, RGBRGB.

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