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Why to choose Edge Blending Technology?

Why to choose Edge Blending Technology?

Edge blending technology can shorten projection distance of projector, and also can project image on special shape screen to enhance image hierarchy.

With the appearance of seamless stitching, the shortening of projection distance becomes inevitable. For example, for the original 200-inch (4000*3000mm) screen, if there is no physical and optical seam, there will only be one projector, and projection distance is lens focal length plus screen width. Even if the wide-angle lens of 1.2:1 is used, our projection distance will also be 4.8 meters. After using edge blending technology, The projection distance is only 2.4 meters for projecting the same size of the image with four projectors.

When projecting a picture on a cylindrical or spherical screen, a single projector needs a long projection distance to cover the whole screen. The combination of multiple projectors shortens the distance because each projector projects a smaller picture.

Another more important function is that if only one projector is used to project the whole arc curtain, it will be difficult to focus, because the arc chord distance is too large to select a suitable reference focus. Multiple projectors can shorten the arc chord distance as small as possible, so that it is easier to find the appropriate focus of the picture. For arc or spherical screen applications, using edge blending technology is a better choice for image resolution, brightness and focusing effect.

Because of the use of the edge blending technology, the resolution and brightness of the picture are increased. At the same time, with the projection screen of high quality, the image hierarchy and expressiveness of the whole display system can be significantly enhanced.

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