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Will Laser Projectors Be The Future of Projection Technology

Will Laser Projectors Be The Future of Projection Technology
The answer is yes, because compared to traditional projection technology, laser multimedia projectors has much more advantages. For example,  laser multimedia projectors use a laser with a wider gamut of customizable wavelength hyperspectral brightness as a projection light source, it can achieve richer color gamut coverage, higher saturation, better color expression and better color reduction ability. At the same time, based on the three colors of red, green and blue, the laser beam is respectively extended to homogenize the field and eliminate the coherence, and then it is shot onto the light valve. The point light source becomes a surface light source, its negative impact on human eyes is minimized.

Besides, from the popularity of laser multimedia projectors, it is a good thing for laser multimedia projectors manufacturers to join the competition. On the one hand, with the development of technology, product quality will be better and better, on the other hand, it will also bring the cost down, and eventually bring down the expensive price of laser projector technology. In the future, the projection technology will be more advanced, and the popularization of laser projection technology will be more extensive.

The current popularity of 4K uhd is the most noteworthy: compared with the 1080p resolution of the early days, 8.29 megapixels is hard to imagine. At present, there are still not many free and high-quality 4K film sources, but the content library of mainstream platform is becoming more and more plentiful. If you can use 4K in one step, you will not worry about watching movies in the future. The following pictures are the two fragments from U1, you can zoom in to see the skin and lips of the characters in the newspaper. It can be said that the laser multimedia projector products have been able to compete with the traditional display mode of the top level.

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